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Mother and Child


In the latest by author and photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank, the artist set out to explore what modern motherhood means in the 21st century. Turning her lens on 70 iconic families of mothers and children, Swanson Frank’s stunning portraits capture the emotional bonds and beauty that frame the primal relationship of a mother and her child. Complementing her work is a series of questions-and-answers, in which Swanson Frank delicately tasks each mother to look within themselves and express what being a mother truly means to them. Their answers are amusing, fascinating, and moving and their full portraits will captivate and inspire readers as they embark on this profound journey that reminds us all of the power of motherhood and the great gift of love. Cloth hard cover.

280 pages

Over 100 illustrations

Dimensions : 9.84" x 12.9" x 1.57"