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Beaded Fob Necklace


This handcrafted beaded medallion necklace is something special in semiprecious gemstone beads and an individually crafted glass intaglio fob. An artisan's commitment to quality is apparent in each piece. 

In several bead and fob variations

Small bead, Large blue horse contains blue-toned gemstones and gold spacer beads; Large bead, Large blue horse contains multi-color gemstones and gold spacer beads; Large bead, Large Pegasus is made up of agate and gold beads; Large Bead, Large God of Health contains multi-hued brown gemstones and gold spacer beads; Large bead, Large Blue Fox contains aquamarine beads; Large bead, Small lion consists of honey calcite and gold spacer beads.

14k gold plate

Encasement : Small, 1" Diameter and Large, 2"  Diameter 

Length with Clasp :   Pegasus, 18.5"; God of Health, 18.75"; Lion, 19.5"


Small Blue Bead with Large Blue Horse Large, 17.75"; Large Multi Bead with Large Blue Horse, 19"; Large Bead with Large Clear Horse, 22", Small Bead with Large Green Fox, 19.75"; Large Bead with Large Pink Fox, 18.5"; Small Long Bead/Lion, 24.5";